The Angry Young Man Turns 75


He came, he saw and he conquered … veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has been ruling the screen for over 4 decades now. Unlike his contemporaries who are remembered due to the songs filmed on them, Big B has an advantage; he is the only star who has delivered the most dynamic of dialogues as well had the best songs filmed on him. On his 75th Birthday, let’s go down the memory lane with the Shahenshah of Bollywood and celebrate his big day with his Angry Young Man performances!

1. Amitabh’s first film as the Angry Young Man where he gets to show his skills as an actor.

Zanjeer Fight scene

2. Yash Chopra’s Deewar took Amitabh to superstardom because of Salim – Javed’s iconic dialogues.

Paise Phenke

Warehouse Fight Scene

The Sign Scene

Mere Paas Maa Hai

3.Although Sholay featured his name in credits after Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini, it was one of the last films to treat him that way.

Sholay Dialogue

Yeh Dosti Hum Naheen

4. Amar Akbar Anthony had hit paired with Vinod Khanna and Rishi Kapoor, and he came out as the winner due to his comic timings and tapori accent that everyone copies now.

Fight scene with Vinod Khanna

5. With Don, he became the Don of Bollywood bagging awards and becoming bigger than the rest.

Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil Hi Nahi

Aray Deewanon

6. He became so big in the 80s that people started following him, and still do!

Kaalia Line

Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai – Kaalia

Jon Jani Janardhan – Naseeb

Apni To Jaise Taise – Lawaaris

Rishtay main to hum – Shahenshah

Poora naam – Agneepath

7- With Hum, he made a grand comeback in the 90s, where he showed the young heroes how it is done

Jumma Chumma De De

8- His swagger is still strong – Buddha Hoga Tera Baap

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