Armeena Khan Exposes A Troll For Passing Disgusting Remarks

Armeena Khan Exposes A Troll For Passing Disgusting Remarks
Image Source: Instagram/Armeena Khan

Social media can be savage. One wrong move and the whole world finds out eventually. However, in a world full of controversies and people judging or hating one another for being too open and expressive, deep down inside, we still believe that one day, people will start appreciating and lifting each other and, most importantly, think differently.

Speaking of which, once again, our very own Pakistani starlet, Armeena Khan, became a target of hateful remarks. Known for her proactive social media presence and standing against injustice, she has garnered a considerable fan following. Also, let’s not forget her sheer elegance as well.

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Meena in Swat.

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Just recently, Armeena requested people not to bully the cast of popular Turkish series Dirilis: Ertugrul. However, little did she know that in response to that, she would be targeted. The person who commented went overboard with their hateful comment, and Armeena instantly decided to expose that person.

Here’s the screenshot of the hateful comment that Armeena Khan shared with her fans, on her Instagram account

The screenshot was supported by a caption that read,

“Religious arrogance really OFFENDS me. All this because I asked people not to bully Turkish actors? This is one of HUNDREDS that I’ve seen today abusing me. Earlier I had a couple of DM’s wishing me death. Now the thing is, if you disagree with something then there is the option to unfollow or block me. Isn’t Ramadhan about being in control of our emotions and being kind to eachother? If you can’t understand my tweets get someone to translate them for you. Peace out.”

Later, Armeena also shared some golden words of how each one of us is a sinner and how all of us sin differently. Furthermore, she said that only God has the right to judge, and no one should try doing His job.  

Here are her words,

“Remember, we’re all SINNERS and we all sin differently so don’t think you’re better because ONLY the Almighty can decide that. Don’t try to do HIS job for him by judging others. Thank you. RELIGIOUS ARROGANCE has got to GO!”

What do you think of Armeena Khan’s response to her troll? Let us know in the comments. Also, do you think it is acceptable for us to be judgmental remarks on others? Do we have the right to judge others?

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