Armeena Khan Takes A Jab At Celebrities Who Are Violating The Lockdown

Image Source: GEO

The coronavirus pandemic has surely taken a toll on every human being. From educational institutes to offices closing down and working remotely to people losing their jobs. In Pakistan, the entertainment industry has also been majorly affected as the production of movies have been halted including morning shows and other transmissions.

More and more celebrities are now moving towards digital platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to keep their audience entertained during the lockdown while they practice social-distancing. However, it seems like some aren’t really abiding the laws and secretly in involved in photoshoots.

Famous Pakistani actress Armeena Khan took to Twitter her concern where she called out all those celebrities who are still partaking in the shoots. Furious with rage, the actress mentioned how those celebrities are risking human lives just by these shoots.

Here’s her tweet:

Moreover, there was one more tweet but Armeena later deleted it. Here’s what she wrote:

Imagine taking part in a shoot or a photoshoot while people are dying around you. Some of us LEFT shoots as to not endanger other people’s lives. You’re not special! The cases are climbing MARK my words and each person you expose to the elements is on you! #selfishbastards

— Armeena 🦋 (@ArmeenaRK) April 19, 2020

Upon which, Mansha Pasha 

Here’s how they lead the conversation

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