Armeena Khan to Work with HRF to Help Syrian Refugees


The ongoing dispute and humanitarian crisis in Syria has caught everyones attention and people from all over the world are trying to play their part in order to resolve this condition.

Many Pakistani celebrities also brought this topic as a part of discussion on various social media channels and shared their opinions and grief about the whole situation that is ruining many innocent lives.

The Pakistani- Canadian actress, Armeena Khan has been quite active since these conflicts in Syria began and we have seen her posting updates and concern over this matter from time to time.


Armeena did a wonderful thing and  she didn’t keep her concern to social media only but now has joined hands with the Human Relief Foundation (HRF) to help Syrian refugees.

Armeena posted this update on her twitter account!

Armeena posted about how the donations given to HRF are being put into good use in helping Syrian refugees and she requests people to keep donating in order to make things better for the victims of this crisis.


Few days back, the Janaan actress tweeted about their successful find campaign in Jordan and she thanked all those who participated in it.

Earlier this month Armeena updateds about helping her acquaintance in fundraising for Syrian refugees and she requested people to do the same!

She posted this motivating status to stand up and do something for the innocent Syrians who have become the victim of this dispute and she also asked to generate funds for them.

Armeena Khan hast put forward an excellent example as she has taken the initiative to work alongside Human Relief Foundation (HRF) in order to help Syrian refugees. Things just keep getting worse and this world has become a cruel place for many innocent Syrians, but instead of watching all this, the least we all can do is to participate in making this world a better place for these victims!

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