Armeena Khan’s Response to People Supporting the PadMan Ban in Pakistan


Ever since the release of the Indian movie PadMan, there had been a huge social media uproar on the subject of a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle being made public through the movie.

Though the movie purely highlights the major threats a woman can face due to unhygienic sanitary practices. These practices can lead to many threats on her health, including infections, infertility and even cervical cancer!

However, Akshay Kumar’s movie was banned by the Pakistani censor board as they were hesitant in letting the public view such “unspoken content”.

This is not new to the country where many important facts about a woman gets swept under the floor. The censor itself caused a huge debate on the ban itself. Pakistani celebrities like Armeena Khan also argued about the ban.

Armeena’s tweet made a lot of people react who support the ban.

One person tweeted that it’s unnecessary to make such a topic a public discussion.

However, Armeena didn’t let that stop her from speaking out her opinions against the ban.

Apparently, it seems like most men in the country aren’t educated in that category to know that it’s not a woman’s but a human’s right to speak out about this as a health issue!

Armeena also tweeted:

She received a mix reaction from people who argued about the issue.

Armeena Khan calmly reacted to the comments and even educated them.



Fortunately, she also received support from her fans.

Periods are a natural thing that should be normally discussed in our society. Perhaps, when we finally understand, there might be lesser complications.

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