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From movies like Chooriyaan to Bol, Bin Roye to Ho Mann Jahaan to Janaan; Lollywood upholds a remarkable journey from the classical golden era to the recent blockbuster champs. Today, Pakistani cinema is up and running, with new movies being signed and shot every month. While some movies coming out in 2016 completely missed the mark, some movies were definite hits.

As always, we celebrate the best of the best of cinema with award ceremonies. The upcoming award shows include the AFAs and the LSAs. While the AFAs 2017 are out of the limelight at the moment, the LSAs 2017 nominations are out and about. Plenty of people are happy about the list, however, we feel that some names were left out.

One of these is Pakistan’s new sweetheart Armeena Rana Khan, who was left out of the category of ‘Best Film Actress’ in the Lux Style Awards nominations for 2017.

In an exclusive interview with the star of Janaan, VeryFilmi asked Armeena what she thought of the nominations.

It is quite surprising actually. But then am I really surprised? Not really. Having said that, I know that Janaan was a game changer.

Janaan was a breath of fresh air for Pakistani cinema last year, showcasing the culture of Swat.

We all know what it (Janaan) did and didn’t do. My work and the numbers speak for themselves.

The good news is, while she was snubbed at the LSAs, her fans stepped up and inspired the actress to move on. “The thousands of positive messages that we received from abroad and within Pakistan cannot be discounted.”

Having faced her fair share of struggles, Armeena is not one to forget the contribution of her colleagues. “Where is Hareem Farooq, Bilal Ashraf, Imaan Ali, Hameed Sheikh and Adeel Hussain? When history looks back on 2016, it is their contributions that will be lauded. Winning aside, for them not to have even been nominated is astounding.”

Apart from being the co-producer for Janaan, Hareem Farooq gave a stellar performance in Mehreen Jabbar’s Dobara Phir Se. The movie also starred Adeel Hussain, another name missing from the nominations.

However, the Bin Roye actress is undeterred in her quest to bring Pakistani cinema in the limelight.

Sadly, this system will continue on for some time, but then it WILL change, suddenly and swiftly, mark my words. Till then, I dream of a day when Pakistani cinema will compete on a global stage; a day when others will come here for technical expertise and seek to follow our BEST practices.

Armeena’s latest international project ‘The Real Target’ is all set to release later this year.

We wish Armeena the best of luck in all her future endeavors!

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