Arth Teaser: Shaan Shahid is Back With a Bang!


The Pakistani adaptation of Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth will hit the cinemas across the country in December 2017. The Lollywood’s chocoloate boy, Shaan Shahid has accumulated an impressive cast for the movie.

Mohib Mirza, Humaima Malick, Shaan Shahid and Uzma Hassan will be playing major characters in the film. For Hassan, this film will mark as her cinematic debut.

Dubbed as Arth 2, the film will revolve around the story of four main characters, how they cross each other’s paths and what has led them to become who they are.

Apart from a short teaser – in which we can see Shaan walking along the pavement — not much is available to get the insight about the story.

Watch the teaser for yourself here!

Shaan has also shared a few posters of the movie on his Instagram account.

And, oh my, aren’t they just spectacular!

Whether the remake is divorced from the world set in in the original movie is still yet to be known.

But, these short glimpses to the film reveal that Shaan has created a masterpiece for movieholics.

The recent roles of Shaan – Yalghaar and War – displayed the actor as a tough guy. In Arth 2, however, Shaan has donned a softer look. It will definitely be a treat to watch him play a different character.

Over the years, Shaan has maintained a stance that he will not work in Indian movies. Therefore, the news that he is interested in remaking a Bollywood movie came as a surprise.

But, for the veteran, this is a way to collaborate between the two industries. Reportedly, Mahesh Bhatt handed over the rights of the script and the movie to Shaan.

The film looks promising and we hope that this movie will make the farewell to the year 2017 even more exciting.

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Contributed by: Aimen Siddiqui