ARY Digital Khuda Mera Bhi Hai Episode 15 Review


The latest episode of KMBH highlighted bad editing which tarnished with the essence of the story. In episode 15, Noor, Mahi’s transgendered child, entered the adulthood. The actor has performed the role exceptionally well. Noor is caring and determined. He aspires to be a businessman, since his inspiration is his teacher and the only father-like figure he had, Mekaeel. He knows about himself and doesn’t care what others think about him. He’s ‘cute’, according to Anaya’s friend, and has an unquenchable thirst to challenge society’s beliefs. However the whole episode left a bad taste with unconnected scenes. Let’ take a look how:

Sanam’s Mother

In the 14th episode, Zaahir (also I had no idea that he is a doctor) informed Sanam about her mom’s deteriorating health. Sanam was visibly upset while Mahi assured her that all will be okay. In the last episode – SPOILER AHEAD – her mom died. Sanam lashed out on Zaahir telling him that she thought he’d take care of her mom. The amusing point is that her mom was terminally ill years ago. If nothing else, she has managed to live around 8 to 10 years assuming Noor is around 22 years old. The scene would have been emotional, had her illness was diagnosed in the same episode and not 10 years earlier.


Kashmala’s complain

Sanam was invited to dinner EIGHT YEARS OLD girl and you are whining about it NOW. What is wrong with the editing team? They have no idea how bad this appears to be.


So what is the deal with these two people? When Noor inaugurated his ‘dhaba’ Mekaeel held her hand which is very sweet if you ask me but Mahi blushed. She wasn’t like, ‘yeah man we did it’. So what’s the deal?

The confrontation

Why did Noor go to his father’s place all of a sudden? Only to deliver those well written dialogue. The scene made no sense at all. You know you have to link a story. The last episode appeared to be a set of scenes badly joined together. Eww. The confrontation had punchy words but the essence was lost -thanks to the moving camera and bad lighting. H and Zain appeared to be sitting in an interrogation room.

The drama has been very cautious which is quite visible. Young Noor had vague dialogue bit now since he has turned into an adult he can and should speak openly. If you have chosen a bold topic, do justice. A lot can be said in subtle way. I hope the rest of the episodes are good. Otherwise a deserving drama with a good storyline will miss its mark.

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Contributed by Aimen Siddique