Atif Aslam Drops New Song Younhi on his Birthday!


After the super success of his song ‘Aadat’, Atif Aslam returns to the music arena with his new track ‘Younhi’. Younhi is the first solo of his soon-to-release album. The rock anthem is like a trip down memory lane!

The music video of the song paints Atif as a carefree soul who is no need of one sided love and affection. ‘Younhi’ is a revival of the kind of music he originally became famous for.


The name that needs no introduction has captured hearts with his mesmerizing voice even across borders. He tweeted about the release of his song on March 12th, the same day as his birthday. The song is a special gift for all of his fans that left them wanting more!

Sara, Atif’s significant other, prepared a huge birthday bash for the singer. Check out the amazing cake she got for the singer:

He uses distinctive mellow tones to ponder over the basic good and bad in people around him. It is the latest of many of Atif Aslam barnstormers that revolve around understanding the true meaning of life. And to be honest – no one can beat the singer in his own game!


Watch the music video here:

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