Avengers Infinity War – Trailer Review: It Can’t Get Better Than This!


Avengers are back and from the trailer of Avengers: Infinity War, it looks like that they have a villain who is easily the ‘baddest of ‘em all’. No villain in the history of comic book films has been as bad as Thanos and it will take the mightiest heroes in the Marvel Universe to stand up against an antagonist who is hell bent on making their lives – hell.

There are a few things in the wonderfully edited trailer that might surprise the audience such as a bearded Captain America with no shield; the human form of Vision; the return of Bucky and the new Spider Suit worn by Spider Man. All these things have never been part of any Avengers film before, making the audience fall in love with the trailer at a time when Justice League is being screened in the cinemas and people are coming out wondering about ‘injustice’ done to them. Oh, the Marvel executives stayed true to their theme that features in the background score that is great any day, any time.


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The film will also mark the departure of few of the Superheroes who will bow out of the franchise in their own way; Earth will see the return of ‘the strongest Avenger’ Hulk while Dr. Strange and Iron Man will join hands to save the planet from destruction. Loki might be responsible for bringing Thanos to Earth and might feature in the flick as the bad guy which will disappoint many as he was so good as the good guy in Thor Ragnarok. Then there is the scene where Thor ends up on the Guardians of the Galaxy ship and that ‘Cap’ leads his band of superheroes into a battle that may or not be their final one. There is also hint of romance amongst the good guys as Vision is shown to be spending time with the Scarlet Witch.

“There was an idea…” Avengers: Infinity War. In theaters May 4. Watch the full trailer here: [link in bio]

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And finally, there is Thanos who looks so so much better than Steppenwolf who was destroyed like an ant in the climax of Justice League. The villain visits Earth in search of the Infinity Stones, two of which are shown to be in his possession in the trailer. Will Earth’s Mightiest Heroes be able to stop Thanos from taking over or they will meet their doom while saving their planet; that remains to be seen. The film is all set for a worldwide release in May 2018 which isn’t that far!