Ayesha Omer Gets Trolled For Her Latest Photo Shoot!


The Khoobsurat Pakistani supermodel Ayesha Omer recently experimented with her looks for a latest fashion photo shoot for the popular designer brand ‘Asim Jofa’.

The starlet has flaunted bold and vibrant style statements for the photo shoot and the haseena has clearly pulled off the funky look.

Here are the pictures of her latest photo shoot

That highlighter though!

The stunner is rocking those smoky eyes and maroon pout!

She is totally killing it!

However, her sassy pictures have created quite an uproar on social media and trolls are bashing the diva for dabbling in western wear.

Here’s how the internet is reacting to her photo shoot!

People unleashed ‘holier than thou’ syndrome!

Some even compared her with Sunny Leone.

And she is also being criticized for the excessive highlighter on her legs! 

This proves how hurtful, disrespectful and mean people can become, it seems like everyone forgets that after all celebrities are also human and they also have feelings!

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