Ayeza Khan Gets Trolled For Her Latest ‘Masked’ Photoshoot


Given how important face masks have now become during the global pandemic, we kind of had an idea that designers would start producing their own masks! And it happened. Ayeza Khan’s latest photoshoot just proved it!

Just recently, for her Ramadan transmission, Ayeza Khan, decided to accessorize her look by wearing a matching mask and said that every outfit should come with a matching mask now. During her transmission, what really won everyone’s heart was the message she gave out.

Highlighting the current on-going situation and how everyone is struggling, she said that being a human and a Muslim, it is our duty to take care of all the needy people who are deprived of basic necessities and those who are unable to break their fasts due to financial issues.

Here’s the video

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On the other hand, as Ayeza was being appreciated for what she had said during the transmission, she was also being severely trolled for wearing a matching mask with her outfit.

Here’s what they had to say about her photoshoot


Some were very harsh with their comments that too in Ramadan

Some tried to make them realize how there are people suffering yet celebrities are still focusing on matching masks with their outfits

Moreover, some even questioned how are they even letting themselves be part of such photoshoots amid the lockdown. They said these photoshoots require a team of people to work with and it’s very risky to be interacting with people as it’s crucial to maintain social distance.

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