Azaan Sami Talks About Adnan Sami’s Controversial Tweets Over Indo-Pak Issue

azaan sami adnan sami

It has been nearly two decades since musician-singer Adnan Sami Khan moved to India, and became an Indian for the sake of his singing career.

The singer often faces major backlash for posting a number of controversial tweets over Indo-Pak issue and Kashmir.

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However, his son, Azaan Sami Khan, decided to stay in Pakistan and become a major asset to the local entertainment industry.

The 25-year-old Pakistani producer recently appeared in an interview with BBC Asian Network where he talked about multiple differences with his father.

While talking about Adnan Sami’s controversial tweets, he said:

The reason I have never spoken about this before is because he is my father, I love him and respect him. He has made certain decisions of where he wants to live. What I choose to call home now is my choice and I chose to work in Pakistan.

He further added:

Normally you keep getting messages for different things and there have been days when stuff has happened and there has just been silence.

Listen to his interview below: 

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