Baaghi Drama Review: Saba Qamar Brings Qandeel Baloch’s Unseen Side To Life


The first episode of Urdu1’s much-awaited serial, Baaghi, aired yesterday and it once again proved that Saba Qamar is a force to be reckoned with — and though our society may not agree so was Qandeel Baloch — in her own eccentric ways. Combine these two rebels together and you get a blockbuster before it’s even on screen.

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Baaghi Drama Review

Baaghi’s first episode opened with Qandeel Baloch’ life as Fauzia. It showed headstrong village girl  Fauzia (Saba Qamar) who wanted to touch the sky and dance on her tunes. She is vivacious, a rule-breaker and stubborn -things women in this part of the world aren’t allowed to be.

The episode also introduced us to Fauzia’s family consisting of her father (Irfan Khoosat), mother, brother (Sarmad Khoosat), sister-in-law and younger siblings. It also introduces Ali Kazmi’s character (a shop owner) who will go on to become her husband. The episode sets the mood for what became an international sensation.

Saba Qamar as the bubbly village girl perfectly blended in the character. Sarmad Khoosat as her dominating brother is good enough to be disliked in the very first scene. And Ali Kazmi as Fauzia’s creepy lover gets into the skin of his character.

Though the show openly promoted its association with Qandeel, it did clarify that Baaghi is a “fictionalised” account of Qandeel’s life. According to show’s writers Umera Ahmed and Shazia Khan:

“There is not one Qandeel, there are lots of Qandeels in Pakistani society,” asserted Baaghi’s story writer Shazia Khan to Images. “There are many young women who want to model, to act, who we don’t see or hear about, but are exploited in the same way as Qandeel. So Baaghi is the story of Qandeel and the many girls like her. But Qandeel is the central character of the play.”

The first episode has set the mood for what became an international sensation. Needless to say, with a stellar cast, a strong subject and a gripping story – Baaghi kept us hooked the whole time.

The drama serial airs on Urdu 1, every Thursday at 8:00 pm.