Baba Jani Episode 1: A Promising Start To An Intriguing Story!


With some big names like Faysal Qureshi, Saba Hameed and Savera Nadeem in the cast, the first episode of Baba Jani has kicked off with a promising start.

Though the first episode was aimed to introduce us to all the lead characters, it also kind of hinted where the story might go.

Asfand (Faysal Qureshi) is a simple, middle-aged man, who has lived his life bearing the responsibilities of 3 sisters after the demise of his parents. He is a caring brother who loves his sisters unconditionally and always prioritizes their choices.

Asfand’s youngest sister, Nabila, is getting married, who is kind and caring. The elder two, Najiba and Naila, are portrayed as the manipulative ones who think of Asfand as the source of money.

They are not even interested in getting Asfand married to Mehwish, his cousin and fiancé, because they think she will manipulate their brother against them.

Saba Hameed as Najiba was exceptional throughout the episode and Sundus Tariq as Naila has also done a great job, who seems to follow everything her elder sister does.

Areesha Razi is playing the daughter of Najiba and her marriage is yet another responsibility in Asfand’s bucket since he’s now done with marrying off his all sisters!

On the other hand, a little bit story of Sadia (Savera Nadeem) was also revealed. Sadia is a widow and lives with her daughter, Nimra played by Madiha Imam.

The first episode of Baba Jani unveiled the characters in a brilliant way and the credit goes to the director, Ali Faizan Anchani. All the characters have their own personality and perspective that is not overshadowed by the others, which is always the case in Faiza Iftikhar’s drama.

Overall the start was good and even though the story seems to revolve around a typical household, we are sure there’s more to it!

Also, the promo for the next episode looks intriguing and something you don’t want to miss!


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