Bay Dardi Episode 10 Review: Too Late for Bia to Find Out the Truth!


With the 10th episode now out, Bay Dardi has entered a very intense, yet emotional phase of the story as Bia has finally found out about Shafay having AIDS. But it’s too late for the truth to be out because she has also acquired the disease and is now, HIV positive!

Shafay and Bia are finally back from their honeymoon. Shafay’s condition is even worse now and Bia, on the other hand, also doesn’t look so well. Observing her symptoms, Memona hopes, in fear, for Bia not to be pregnant!

Bia and Shafay visit Nasir’s place and the brother-sister duo finally get to spend some quality time. Bia’s conditions get serious and it turns out, she is actually pregnant, after getting checked by a doctor!

Completely unaware of the heart-breaking truth, this news becomes another source of happiness for the new couple and Shafay feels really blessed for having everything he wished for. They both share an adorable moment and the flawless chemistry between Affan Waheed and Aiman Khan, made this scene even more enjoyable!

Upon Tabrez continuous insistence, Memona finally agrees to take Bia to the hospital. Dr. Tahira gets really furious for Memona’s total negligence towards her daughter-in-law, but Memona requests her to not reveal anything in front of Bia!

Bushra Ansari was brilliant throughout the episode and the restlessness faced by Memona, was perfectly depicted in her expressions. For some reason, Memona is still reluctant to reveal the truth!

A familiar face makes a visit as Shafay spots Rohail in the hospital. No matter what happened in the past, Shafay and Rohail used to be friends in university and Shafay gets concerned after finding out that Rohail is severely ill and doesn’t have much time left!

Rohail also congratulates Shafay for his wedding but his guilt doesn’t allow him to talk directly to Bia, who holds him responsible for Rabia’s suicide!

The episode ended when Memona receives a call from the doctor and finds out that Bia has also acquired AIDS and is HIV positive.

Bia overhears Memona discussing the reports with Tabrez and goes in a state of shock after finding out this heart-wrenching truth!

The next episode is going to be really intense as Bia will now have to make a choice between her love and her life!

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