Bay Dardi Episode 11 Review: What Will be Bia’s Next Step?


The heart-wrenching journey of Bay Dardi brought a major revelation in the last episode when Bia finds out that Shafay has AIDS and she, herself, has now acquired the disease!

Just when the two of them were starting to enjoy their married life and when the news of Bia’s pregnancy proved to be a cherry on top, the truth came out as a storm and Bia has now realized the damage that has been done in her life just because of a lie!

Bia feels terrible for being the victim of Memona’s cruelty and she also blames Shafay for ruining her life. After Rabia’s death, Bia has become strong enough to speak for herself and is fully determined not to hide the reality from anyone, anymore.

She questions Memona for her selfish act, who is still not convinced to tell Shafay anything at all. Since one lie leads to another, Memona threatens Bia that if Shafay finds out anything about them having AIDS, she will blame it all on Bia as the initial carrier of the disease.

Bushra Ansari as Memona was once again brilliant and she even misleads Shafay that Bia is depressed because the doctor has suggested terminating the pregnancy or the baby won’t be healthy otherwise.

Aiman Khan was truly phenomenal in this episode and has probably given her best performance to date. The helplessness in Bia’s eyes and the anger in her voice shows the pain anyone would go through if they were in her place.

On the other hand, Shafay has no idea why Bia is angry with him and tries to be with her in this tough time but Bia doesn’t even want to see his face let alone talking.

Affan Waheed knows how to communicate with his expressions and he’s doing total justice with his role. The scene where Shafay tries to talk to Bia after she locks herself in the washroom was truly heartbreaking!

This drama has successfully conveyed the message of how AIDS is considered as a very insulting disease and our society stereotypes it with patient’s unethical activities, without knowing the actual cause of the disease.

Bia decides to go back to her brother’s place and tell him everything. But once again, Memona plays her money card and manipulates Tabinda.

Before Bia could even say a word, she is reminded that her only brother is not in a position to handle any tense situation and her sick husband needs her the most at this particular time!

Let’s see what will be Bia’s next step in the coming episodes!

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