Bay Dardi Episode 8 Review: New Journey for Shafay, Bia Without Knowing the Reality!


Bay Dardi has proved to be an amazing addition to the list of so many ongoing dramas these days as it highlights a major taboo of our society in a dramatic manner. The fact that its latest episode is trending at #6 on YouTube, speaks volume about its popularity!

In the last episode, Memona and Tabrez found out that Shafay has AIDS and it has already developed into the latest stage of the disease. Seeing his condition, Memona agrees to marry Shafay with Bia but Tabrez straightforwardly tells her that he won’t let her ruin an innocent life just for the sake of Shafay’s happiness!

Being a selfish mother, Memona takes advantage of Tabrez’s absence and plans a surprise wedding, that even leaves Shafay in a shock!

Everything goes smoothly and Shafay and Bia have now started a new journey of their lives together, without knowing the reality. Even though Memona is ashamed of her act, but seeing them both truly happy, she feels satisfied.

When Tabrez comes back, he is shocked to see the newly married couple and is really furious over his sister for such a selfish act. He agrees to stay quiet when Memona tries to commit suicide but warns her that one day or another, the truth will come out anyway!

On the other hand, Bia overhears Tabinda and Salman talking about how Bia’s marriage to Shafay has proved lucky for them. Bia feels terrible when she finds out that Memona has not only promised to give her family a monthly income of 1 lac but has also bought them the house, they are living in!

Bia also misunderstands that Shafay has a role to play in trading her self-respect and pride!






Since With the Valima preparations going on, Shafay goes to collect some invitation cards from Memona’s drawer and finds his test reports instead.

Let’s see how Shafay is going to react after finding out the truth and what effects will that bring on Bia’s life?

With their brilliant performances and beautiful chemistry, Aimen Khan and Affan Waheed have become the new favorite on-screen couple in town; the class of veteran actors like Bushra Ansari, Behroz Subzwari along with the talented Kashif Mehmood and Sana Fakhar, have made Bay Dardi an absolute treat to watch!

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