Bay Dardi Episode 9 Review: Shafay, Bia Build Up Their Relationship While Memona Faces Another Problem!


With increasing drama every week, Bay Dardi aired its 9th episode last night and yet again, it was filled with some amazing performances by its well-known cast, taking forward this emotional story to a new level!

Last time the episode ended in suspense when Shafay found his medical reports while looking for wedding cards in Memona’s drawer. Well, Tabrez just gets in time and take away the reports from Shafay before he could even read his name on them. Tabrez lies that these are his reports and that he goes for a routine check-up every month!

So, the Valima ceremony proves to be even happier for Shafay and Bia because none of them is in a state of shock this time, except for Tabinda, who never imagined Bia getting married in such a wealthy and loving family!

Everything goes happily till Memona spots a familiar face while leaving the hall!

Dr. Tahira, who is dealing with Shafay’s illness, gets really upset when she finds out that Memona has knowingly put Bia’s life in danger. She doesn’t say anything in front of Shafay and Bia, but asks Memona to visit her at the hospital!

The happy couple then leaves for the honeymoon and even though, Shafay’s symptoms are getting worse, they spend some quality time with each other, building their trust for each other. They talk about Rabia and Rohail, and Shafay assures Bia that he won’t leave her side at any cost, ever!

Affan Waheed and Aiman Khan always create magic with their beautiful chemistry and they are making us crave for more of them together on screen, with every new episode!

Memona goes to meet Dr. Tahira and gets a reality check for her selfishness. But, seeing her helplessness as a mother, Dr. Tahira asks her to inform Bia about Shafay’s health immediately and suggests some precautionary measures for her!

Let’s hope that Memona informs Bia just in time before she falls victim to her cruelty!

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