Bay Khudi Drama on ARY Digital: OST, Timings, Promo


Bay Khudi is a Pakistani Drama is currently airing on ARY Digital. The serial features Sara Khan as Fiza and Noor Hassan as Maaz.


Bay Khudi is about a girl, Fiza, who shifted to her aunt’s house along with her mother after her father’s death. Saad’s mother loves her as her own daughter. She is happy because of Saad who’s her cousin and best friend. However, Saad has feelings for her.

She luckily gets engaged to Asher who she loves and doesn’t realize what Saad feels for her. Saad couldn’t accept the reality that she is not his life anymore and that’s where his love for her turns into obsession.

Saad assaults her in a situation where she couldn’t recognize him as a rapist, and that’s where he takes the charge of accepting her as his wife in front of everyone; becoming the good guy. Now the years have passed and the situation is different because no matter how unfair life is, it still moves on.


The title of Bay Khudi has been sung by Adnan Dhool of Soch Band and Sana Zulfiqar.


Watch ‘Bay Khudi’ every Thursday at 9:00 pm on ARY Digital.


Director: Aabis Raza

Writer: Seema Munaf

Cast :

  • Sara Khan
  • Noor Hassan
  • Laila Zuberi
  • Fazila Qazi
  • Hajara
  • Arsalan Faisal
  • Bilal Abbas
  • Rahma Saleem
  • Komal Aziz and Others.

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