We Bet You Haven’t Seen Ahad Raza Mir Like This Before!


Ahad Raza Mir has recently made his debut, but he has already won the hearts of many. Just like his father, he is super talented and hard working.

Ahad became one of the hot topics this year, when his drama “Yakeen ka Safar” took the screen by storm. His character, Dr. Asfandyaar, crushed so many hearts and made quite an impact on everyone. Ahad brought reality to Dr. Asfi’s character with his excellent acting skills and he became the heart throb of 2017.

Ahad grew up in Canada and studied music, drama and theater over there. Before he made his appearance in Pakistani dramas, Ahad used to work as a theater artist in Canada.

Luckily, we got our hands on some of his old pictures from one of his plays “Naughty but Nice”.

We bet you haven’t seen Ahad Raza Mir like this before!


Yes, it’s him!


Have another look!

Him again! It seems Ahad has also gone through some great transformation just like Dr. Asfi did in YKS!

Tonight's your second last chance people! Hope to see you there!

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Although these are Ahad’s old pictures but are now trending on social media.  People who are used to see him as the very decent Dr. Asfi, cannot digest the fact that it’s really him!Well, he is an actor and that’s his job to play every role as best as he can.

Ahad has received some priceless response from his followers on these pictures and we are loving it!

One thinks he brought disgrace to Dr. Asfandyaar name!

One related it to a very important social issue!

This one just couldn’t accept the reality!

Some seemed supportive!

We all love Ahad! And surely, he has brightened up our TV screens with his presence. We hope that he keeps entertaining us with many other great characters in the future.

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