Bilal Ashraf & Urwa Hocane’s Rangreza is About to Hit Theaters


We’ll see Urwa Hocane back on the big screen for the 3rd time in 2017.  Written by Akhter Qayyum and directed by Amir Mohiuddin, Rangreza, the musical drama film is set to be released worldwide on 21st December,2017.


Rangreza is going to be the most expensive movie of this year and after two big successes, “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” and “Na-Maloom Afraad-2”, Rangreza is also expected to be the next big hit of Pakistan film industry, just what is required by our film industry  to grow.

The movie features Urwa Hocane, Bilal Ashraf, Ghana Ali, Gohar Rasheed and Seemi Pasha in the leading cast.


The trailer looked promising and was good enough to attract lots of attention. The vivid colors and the depiction of traditional Pakistani musical culture can be seen in it. The melodious background music by Akhter Qayyum is also enough to increase our expectations.

The movie follows the story of Reshmi, who belongs to a traditional Qawwal family and has been committed to her cousin, Waseem. Problem arises when Ali, a famous pop star falls in love with Reshmi. The film is a journey of how two different classes and schools of thought come together. Gohar Rasheed, who plays Waseem Wallay, could be seen as a qawal in this movie.

Since only few days are left for it to be released, the cast and the team of Rangreza seems to be busy in the promotions of the movie. They can be seen on live tv shows, newspaper and magazines, promoting their upcoming movie. The cast of Rangreza is also quite active on the social media. Recently, they shared a picture of their UK promotions, featuring Gohar Rasheed, Urwa Hocane and Bilal Ashraf.



Rangreza will be released in Pakistan on 21st of Decemeber. Let’s hope for it to be a box office success.

Contributed by Kayenat Kalam