Bollywood Celebrities Accused of Abusing Maids Verbally, Physically & Financially!


Bollywood celebs may seem to be the embodiment of glamor and fame. However, all is not roses when it comes to their personal lives. Celebs, ranging from TV drama actors to award winning artists, abuse maids verbally, physically and financially; sometimes they even threaten murder to agency owners who try to take up a complaint.

Abhishek Sable from Happy Maids accused Bollywood celebrities of abusing their maids verbally and physically.

As a consequence, he has stopped taking contracts from Bollywood actors.

“I have stopped taking contracts from Bollywood. In the beginning, around three years ago, I provided house help to five-six celebrities. In my experience, only a few celebs are good.”

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“The others never gave [the maids] decent food. And if they didn’t like the food that the cook had made, they would throw the plate at their face.”

Maids are falsely accused of theft. They are woken up with kicks in the middle of the night.

“When I took her to the police, she contacted some minister and the case was dismissed,” he said.

An actress threatened Sable with murder for the caste of the maid.

“She said she didn’t want people from the Ambedkar caste as, in her opinion, they are dirty. She threatened me with murder and also called a minister,” he said.

The abuse usually comes from struggling actors and models.

“It all depends on their mood; if they don’t like a maid’s services, they deduct an entire month’s salary. When we say we’ll approach the police, they retaliate by saying they’re not scared. The police are of no help.”

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“These instances are not just restricted to big stars; even struggling actors, models and television actors do it,” he said.

It’s hard to believe that even at this day and age such ill-treatments against those lower than us in status is common. That too, by such high-profile celebrities.

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