Director Vishal Bhardwaj Discusses Fawad Khan & His Popularity in India!


The recently concluded Pakistan International Film Festival 2018 was not only successful enough to encourage the cultural exchange between India and Pakistan but it also bridged the gap between the two countries’ artists, allowing them to speak their heart out over the current situation.

Vishal Bhardwaj, the acclaimed Indian music composer, and director behind hits like Maqbool, Omkara, Kaminey etc. was among the Indian artists who attended PIFF 2018 and was also a part of the multiple panel discussions that took place in the festival.

While talking about the issues prevailing between the two countries due to politics, Vishal Bhardwaj discussed how people across the border still love Pakistani stars and especially, Fawad Khan, who’s a superstar in India. Vishal said,

“If bias against Pakistani actors had been there, the masses wouldn’t have gone to watch their films. So, there is nothing against them in the heart of masses. Whatever else is there, it is politically motivated otherwise how would have Fawad become a superstar in India?”

It’s no secret that our superstar is well acknowledged and genuinely loved for his talent and dashing looks on both sides of the border!

Recently, Fawad was also graced with the award of “Best Cinematic Icon India/Pakistan” at the relaunch of Filmfare Middle East, that aimed to bring Indian and Pakistani celebrities together on one platform!

Filmfare ME Honours Fawad Khan, Mehwish Hayat in Dubai

Vishal Bhardwaj visited Pakistan after 5 years and totally loved his experience here and expressed his wish to come back again!

The Haider director added that more cultural events should be organized to normalize the situation between the countries that share so much in common!

“I think this is the only way to bring normalcy between the two countries; more and more cultural events can bridge the gap. And it’s very sad that we are always at loggerheads.”

It’s great to see that people from India and Pakistan are now emerging out from the typical norm of judging artists on their nationalities to appreciating the true talent. PIFF 2018 brought Indian and Pakistani stars together and encouraged the cultural exchange, which turned out to be a good initiative for both countries.

Still, the recent ban on Pakistani artists is India speaks about the political tension and we hope for things to get better between India and Pakistan.

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