Bollywood Gets Trolled for Showing Arfa Karim Tower As ISI Headquarters


Bollywood has a history of showing Pakistan in a way India sees the country. Recently, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ‘Genius’ has also made a fatal mistake that immediately caught everyone’s attention.

In the movie, Lahore based Arfa Karim Tower, a software technology park, was shown as Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) headquarters, which, in reality, is located in Islamabad.

As soon as the mistake was pointed, people started trolling the makers of the movie for making such an embarrassing blunder.

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The mistake was first pointed out by Umar Saif, one of Pakistan’s top IT experts after which trolls couldn’t stop making fun of them.

Umar Saif shared the tweet with the caption:

Arfa technology park making waves beyond borders. P.S. Bollywood needs better script writers.

The moment Umar tweeted the scene from the movie, keyboard warriors started trolling them for the embarrassing blunder.

Look at what people have to say! 

Well, we agree with him! 

People had some expectations from the movie! 

Sarcasm at its best! 

Just so ironic! 

This is not the first time for Bollywood films to get their facts wrong. Whenever trying to recreate Pakistan in their films, they show people wearing Jinnah caps, sherwanis and saying Adaab which is exactly the opposite of how Pakistanis live.

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