Bollywood Movie Begum Jaan Banned in Pakistan!


Rumor has it, Begum Jaan is the next Bollywood film to be banned in Pakistan. Starring Vidya Balan, Begum Jaan is based on true events that center around the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan.

In the film, Vidya is the prostitute whose ‘Kotha’ lies in the path of the two nations.

The much-awaited film recently made headlines regarding its ban in Pakistan. The taboo topic of prostitution did not go well with the censor board of Pakistan. Therefore, they came up with a collective decision to ban its screening across the country.

Take a look at the trailer of the film:

Upon questioning Vishesh Bhatt on the ban, here’s what he had to say,

Pakistan is in a kind of a limbo in general, because of various political reasons. We’re in talks, but as of now there’s no confirmation from there, because of the political situation.

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He added,

Begum Jaan is a film that belongs to the subcontinent. It’s based on the pre-independence concept, so in that sense, it belongs to the audiences in both the countries. Our idea is to reach the maximum number of people, but we’re evaluating it in terms of the political situation.

The movie is a Hindi adaptation of critically-acclaimed Bengali movie, Rajkahini, and sees Vidya play a brothel owner in the story of survival.

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