Bollywood Reacts To Pakistan’s Ban on Begum Jaan Movie


Pakistan may have uplifted the ban on Indian movies but the censor board is still rejecting movies left and right.

Already 3 major Bollywood movies have been rejected including Raees featuring Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, Taapsee Pannu’s women-centric Naam Shabana and Vidya Balan’s Begum Jaan.

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Whereas Aamir Khan refused to release Dangal without the Indian national anthem.

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Mahesh Bhatt, the producer of the film said,

“I was told by my distributor that Pakistan, as a policy, does not permit the import of films dealing with the issue of Partition. I requested the key officer of the Pakistan censor board to at least view the film and then take a decision. I was assured they would look into the matter.

However, it was not settled.

“Sadly, I have not heard from them since. My distributor informs me that his office has been intimated that Begum Jaan won’t be imported into Pakistan.”

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Mahesh Bhatt seemed hurt by the decision as he added,

“I did not look at Pakistan just as a market to sell my wares. Yes, when Begum Jaan was not viewed by their Censor Board, I was ridiculed by some of my close associates. That did hurt.”

Talking about the same, director of Begum Jaan, Srijit Mukherji said,

“It is the rule of someone’s land, which must be respected. Unfortunately, the common thread binding these two nations is the history and Partition are the integral tragedy connecting us. All the hatred can be traced back to it. Understanding and analyzing it from a human view would help but it’s a pity they don’t want to. They are touchy and sensitive about this issue.”

Begum Jaan is slated for an April 14, 2017 release in India and stars Vidya Balan in the lead role.

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Bollywood Movie Begum Jaan Banned in Pakistan!