Brilliant Finales To Hollywood Movies

Throughout the years Hollywood has produced movies that have left us speechless with their exceptional plot twists. Here is a list of the 10 best movies that you simply cannot miss out on. With plots full of suspense and intrigue you would definitely be hooked on to your TV screens while watching these films.

10. Seven

The 7th sin was what i was always confused about. Finally got all clear from fuzzy. Great cinematic experience. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman make the perfect homicide detectives.

9. Godfather 1

Nice college going boy changes face to ruthless Don Michael Corleone. Never has a film captured by imagination like this one. The ending is the beginning. Door shut ajar as the Dons wife understands her fate with destiny.

8. Lucky Number Slevin

What a classic this is. The plot is pure artistry. This will have you gripped from the start to the finish. Bruce Willis is by far his coolest ever in his role as Mr. Goodcat. Freeman and Kingsley sublime as ever.

7. Basic Instinct 1

Just follow the darn *ice pick*. You know it’s a little more to that when Sharon Stone surprises us all. The best she’s ever been. Minus the interrogation bit, but you’re not a Stone fan of you’ve missed this one.

6. Usual Suspects

The name Kaiser Sozay echos in the mind since 1995. You’ll be surprised to learn in this great “whodunnit” classic. The best and most twisted of endings since the last 2 decades. Kevin Spacey, salute to the legend.

5. Shawshank Redemption

Just a wow film. If you haven’t gone through the experience of sitting in on this then surely you should start immediately. If you think you know what’s going on in this great movie, you won’t know what is expected to hit you.

4. Mullholand Drive

This can only be defined into three stages; detective mysteries story, the dream crushing fantasy and finally delusion and madness. Naomi Watts at her brilliant best. Not for the happy and faint hearted.

3. Shutter Island

Leo DiCaprio won’t be able to replicate his performance like he enacted his character in this. It’s a slow start, gains momentum and then it’s a slow and cumbersome realization and you’re left with the expression ” what just happened?”. Bizarre brilliance.

2. The Game

Non stop thriller. And one of the old school classics. Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orten is the man. His mundane life is threatened from all angles until he realizes the Big Game at the end of it all. Watch now.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan is what Mozart was to music. A film which details everything to the bone. But an ending which can be matched by a few from the millions of cinematic releases. Classic to the trained and untrained eye.
Contributed by Nasr Saeed.
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