‘Be A Buddy, Not A Bully’: Mansha Pasha Addresses Postpartum Depression


You may have seen her in lots of TV commercials this year but there is more to Mansha Pasha’s pretty face; she is one of the few actresses to have turned to direction and her second directorial venture is out now.

Unlike the female directors in Pakistan, Mansha wants to target women issues and after brilliantly highlighting one in her first video last August, she is back to calling the shots for the second episode of the six-part series with Elaj Trust.

In her recent video, Mansha Pasha acts as well as goes behind the camera – the topic being Postpartum Depression.

One look at the video will show you that the talented actress is also a wonderful writer and thinking director who knows the technicalities of the trade.

She plays a new mother suffering from Postpartum Depression and delivers the perfect expressions required from such a woman. Fahad Mirza plays her husband who is shown to be a sensible partner who comforts her rather than making life difficult for her.

And that’s the message of this video as well. Be a Buddy, Not A Bully!

If a woman goes into depression after delivering a baby, it is thought to be natural for people in our society. Thanks to this video, people will be now more aware of their responsibility and get the ‘mother’ treated rather than causing her grief by making her life more difficult. In a world where we consider discussing this mood disorder out-of-bounds, Mansha’s attempt to highlight it is a victory in itself.