Bushra Ansari Confirms Another ‘Ayegi Baraat’ Sequel


Many Pakistanis were left heartbroken as one of the most popular wedding series ‘Aayegi Baraat’ was discontinued in 2012.

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The first series of the drama serial was aired in 2009 and people were all in love with each of the sequel. This series began with Azar Ki Aayegi Baraat and was renewed for Dolly Ki Aayegi Baraat, Takkay Ki Aayegi Baraat and then Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat.

Each of them was so fun-filled and lively that they left us craving for more and people have been requesting for another one.

Well, our prayers have been answered now. Bushra Ansari has recently confirmed that she is penning the next Baraat herself and we are almost jumping on our seats now.

During an interview with The News, the veteran actress revealed:

 “Something I’m very excited about is that I’ve been asked to write the next instalment of the Aayegi Baraat series,” she said. “I haven’t started it as of yet, but since a lot of people had demanded it and I initially wanted Ahmad and Vasay (Chaudhry) to write it, but they were both already busy, I finally took it up. So I’ve started thinking about whose Baraat will now come (smiles). Instead of doing something around the same old saas-bahu, I want to write to my caliber.”

Now that she has confirmed that she has taken over the reins, we are sure that this upcoming sequel will be the most enjoyable one. We are so excited to hear the news and just cannot wait to watch the biggest wedding gala of the year.

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