Bushra Ansari Takes A Dig At Mahnoor Baloch And Her Fans Are Angry


The veteran actress Mahnoor Baloch, who is known as an incredible and gorgeous star, has always been praised by her fans and followers for her acting abilities. But apparently her colleagues do not think so and they rate her low when it comes to acting on screen.

In a recent talk show, the legendary actress Bushra Ansari was asked to rate Pakistani actresses according to their acting skills.

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She was given the options of Sajal Aly, Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Mahnoor Baloch and Saba Qamar. She rated Saba Qamar as number one, Mahira Khan second, Sajal Aly third and Mehwish Hayat on fourth. But she refused to rate Mahnoor Baloch and said that the actress is just a beautiful face when it comes to acting, she just cannot pull it off.

She rating the actresses, Bushra Ansari said: 

I don’t consider Mahnoor Baloch as an actress, she is rather just a pretty face. There is no doubt that she is really pretty but that’s something which God has gifter to her. She did do acting, she tried but she did not succeed.

Watch the full video below.

Mahnoor Baloch is one of the known personalities of Pakistani entertainment industry and has been around for over two decades. She has done numerous hit plays and continues to play the leading lady despite being over 40. Bushra Ansari’s recent comment has just left us all in shock!

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