Carrie Fisher In Her Most Iconic Roles That You Need To See


Carrie Fisher will always be remembered as Princess Leia from Star Wars. She passed away due to a hear attack at the age of 60. Fans are heart-broken as they grieve the death of the resilient and versatile star! She was not only an actor but she was a writer and a spokesperson for mental illnesses. She overcame substance abuse, alcoholism and depression. She will forever be remembered as a phenomenal star.

Here are some of the most memorable roles that Carrie Fisher was a part of.

Princess Leia – Star Wars

Here is a rare clip of the star for the audition to what would become a blockbuster movie that the generations will remember.

Marie – When Harry Met Sally

A Mystery Woman – Blue Brother

Guest Appearance on Family Guy

And Fisher made cameos in “Weeds”

and “Smallville.”

Bonus: Carrie Fisher in her Golden Bikini got her the title of a sex symbol.


Rest in peace, Princess. May the force be with you!