Celebrating 30 Years of Music, Strings Releases New Song “Sajni” That Will Leave You Feeling Nostalgic!


With lots of nostalgic feelings, mesmerizing music and the old school theme, the iconic duo of Strings – Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia – is back with the release of their first song from the most awaited album ‘30’.

Strings has the reputation to stay ahead of our expectations, always, and “Sajni”, their first song from their upcoming album has all the ingredients to leave us feeling nostalgic!

Watch the video below!

Directed by Yasir Jaswal, the music video starts in an interesting way when Faisal Kapadia visits the doctor, Bilal Maqsood, and upon asking how is he feeling today, Faisal takes us all on this mesmerizing musical ride, a literal one in this super cool car! *pure 90s feelings*

The soulful voice of Faisal Kapadia, lyrics by Anwar Maqsood and Bilal Maqsood playing a guitar solo, Strings has come up with this perfect song in the most captivating way that we can’t help but play on a loop!

Celebrating 30 years of fascinating musical journey, Strings announced to release eight new single songs and this news was alone enough to entice the fans who waited impatiently for the release of their first new song.

With the release of Sajni, all the Strings fans have time travelled back to the golden period of our music industry, when things were as beautiful as this song!

 Have a look at their excitement!

Pure Nostalgia!

People Can’t Stop Praising Their Efforts!

Music cannot simply be restricted to the boundaries and out of the huge fan following Strings has across the world, Indian fans also appreciated this song!


There is nothing more heartwarming than people pouring out love for their favorite stars in these beautiful short notes!

Back to the Golden Days!

Leaving us all excited and nostalgic, Strings has made the best come back their fans could ask for. Now it’s even harder to wait for the next songs from the album ’30’.

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