Celebrities’ Aggressive City War Has Finally Come To An End With An Interesting Message

wb by hemani

Over the last week, we witnessed a sudden social media war among a few celebrities including Imran Abbas, Ahmed Ali Butt, Yasir Hussain, and Nadia Khan.

Their social media debate over whose city’s fragrance is the best created a stir on social media and people just couldn’t stop talking about it.

It all started when Imran Abbas shared a video in which he talked about the unique smell of Islamabad after rain.

The clip caught the attention of Ahmed Ali Butt and he asked Imran Abbas to visit Lahore to experience the unique smell.

Surprisingly, Yasir Hussain also decided to participate in the debate and said that both of the actors should visit Karachi as it has everything.

Nadia Khan also praised her city Quetta and it seemed like the war would never end.

After the whole debate, the handsome hunk invited all the celebrities to visit Islamabad and experience the unique fragrance of the city themselves.

He posted: 

wb by hemani

Unsurprisingly, the netizens also started bashing these celebrities for not supporting each other and requested to bring the nation together.

Have a look at what people have to say!

wb by hemani

wb by hemani

wb by hemani

wb by hemani

wb by hemani

wb by hemani

Luckily, their aggressive war was finally ended by WB By Hemani as it has introduced its new perfume range which represents the fragrance of each city.

Each celebrity also tried the new range and they totally fell in love with it!

Have a look at their reactions! 

Have a look at their complete WB by Hemani’s complete campaign! 

And here’s the complete range of WB by Hemani’s new range called ‘Pride of Pakistan’!

This latest campaign of WB by Hemani was aimed at bringing the nation together by making them realize that each city of Pakistan is important and we should be proud of the fragrance of our country.

Well, we totally loved their new campaign and now we just cannot wait to try it.

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