Celebrities And Public Reaction To ‘Verna’


Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna is the talk of the town. Featuring everyone’s favorite Mahira Khan, this cinematic project deals with social issues that prevail in the Pakistani societyHaroon Shahid, the lead vocalist of SYMT has also debuted alongside Mahira who has played the role of a rape victim in the movie.

Now that it is released after all that it went through with the Censor Board, people and celebrities are making it to the theatre to watch the movie.

Here’s how they have reacted to ‘Verna’ after watching it on social media.

There are some who are absolutely in awe of it.



There are some people who think it is good but it could’ve been better.

And then there are some people who didn’t like it at all.

There are mixed reviews for Verna from everyone on social media. It is reported that the movie had a bad opening on its Day 1 in cinemas. The reason might be its late release in Punjab, resulting in a slow business on its debut day. On Saturday, the movie did better business but still did not meet expectations.

Still, it is too early to predict anything. Read all the reviews, but make sure that you go and watch the movie yourself and decide if it a good watch or not.

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