Celebrities React to FIFA World Cup 2018 Final!


It’s all done and dusted!

With some epic contest, thrilling performances and electrifying environment, FIFA world Cup 2018 has finally ended as France becomes the World Champion for the second time with a 4-2 win over valiant Croatia!

No one predicted that Croatia, the underdogs, would reach the final for the first time and since almost all of the ex-favorites were already out of the tournament, majority were rooting for this young Croatian team that was all prepared to give a tough time to mighty France but unfortunately, could not end their journey on a winning note!

On the other hand, the French had laid their eyes on the golden trophy since the start and after knocking 3 giants, Argentina, Uruguay, and Belgium, out of the tournament, they were simply unbeatable and became the world champions for the 2nd time after 1998!

Where the streets of Paris are filled with some crazy celebrations since last night, our news feed seems no different!

People around the world are congratulating the French team on their incredible victory and also, acknowledging the Croatians who might not have won the world cup but have won all the respect and love!

Dwayne Johnson praised the French team and seems to have really enjoyed the big final!

Our very own Osman Khalid Butt tweeted in French to congratulate the team in blue!


The Gladiator star Russell Crowe also congratulated the French team!

Legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan poured his heart out in this tweet he posted after the world cup final!


And the Junior Bachchan also congratulated France on winning the world cup!


And so did Gohar Rasheed!

The Legally Blonde actress Reese Witherspoon also congratulated France on becoming the World Champions!

Shakira praised the French team for making history!

And the One Direction drummer really enjoyed the game!

Many other celebrities posted the same!

And the lively star of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh, celebrated like a true Football fan!


While Varun Dhawan had a classic Sunday with two finals, Wimbledon and FIFA World Cup, a movie and a lot of cake!


Our star cricketer and former captain, Azhar Ali, also enjoyed this big tournament!

Syeda Nain Abidi, star of Pakistan Women Cricket Team, has become a football fanatic after this world cup!

And so are Indian cricketers!

FIFA World Cup 2018 was filled with lots of entertainment and now that it has ended, we will miss it for sure!

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