Celebrities Respond to the Statement Issued by Director’s Guild of Pakistan!


A few days back, ‘Federation of Western India Cine Employees’ (FWICE) and ‘Indian Motion Picture Producers’ (IMPPA), issued a statement regarding the ban on Pakistani artists in India, which can be seen as a huge step back in the progress of developing relations between both the countries.

The core committee of Director’s Guild of Pakistan (DGP) took the notice of this statement and has considered it as highly condemnable and a derogatory step. DGP has called for some measures till the ban on Pakistani artists in India is lifted.

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Pakistani celebrities have reacted to this statement issued by DGP and they have posted their response on social media.

Syed Jibran, the famous Pakistani actor and model, posted a status, in response to DGP’s notification, on Facebook in which he said that this decision is not the best solution to the problem right now!


Indian films are very famous in Pakistan and they accounts for major revenue generated by our cinemas. According to Syed Jibran, if we are going to impose a ban on Bollywood movies then we must also come up with an alternate solution. He even suggested one himself, that may be considered as far-fetched and would require a lot of time to overcome the existing issue.

The well-known actor and director, Shamoon Binzubair Abbasid, stated some facts that how this decision will not solve the issue but will make the situation even worse.

Shamoon posted another status in which he asked his co-stars to own their cinema industry as it desperately needs our devotion and hard work!

He later posted this and is ready to take the first step in doing so!

Let’s see how this decision is going to effect our cinema industry and how long it will take to lift the ban!

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