Celebrity Bridal Dresses – Who Wore it Better this Year?


1. The Gorgeous – Sajal Aly


The O Rangreza actresses was previously spotted in this gorgeous bridal langha in this year’s Bridal Couture Week 2017. The frills on the dress makes it look different and with all that glitter, the dress is sure to WOW the crowd with it’s beauty.

2. The Spring Beauty – Mawra Hocane

If you’re a to-be spring bride then this beautiful piece worn by Mawra Hocane is your best bet. The Langha is decorated from bottom to the waist with beautiful floral designs and flowers assembled on it. The blouse is to be fitted heavily decorated with small pearls lining the boarder and finally covered by a shimmering transparent dupatta that’s lined on the boarders with heavily embroidery. Perfect for a spring’s bride.

3. The Traditional Red Langha – Sidra Batool

We know how it’s important for brides with interest in traditional style of dressing to choose the color red for their big day. We’ve got you covered with this classy red langha worn by Sidra Batool on her wedding day. The dress is fully decorated with layers of embroidery from top to bottom and is accompanied by a matching dupatta with pearl boarders on top.

4. The Modern Pakistani – Aiman Muneeb

For some of us, red really isn’t the color and Aiman Muneed definitely proved that she looks amazing in this stunning color rather than the traditional one. The dress is no less of a gown because of it’s long frills that envelope the dress and finally stops at the bottom with a beautiful boarder that gives a modern touch. Simple and chic, this one definitely the one for modern brides.

5. The Nostalgic White Garara – Urwa Hocane

If you’re the girl who misses that two-legged Garara, this one’s definitely for you. While preserving the simplicity of the dress, it also showcases the beauty of the Nikkah with it’s embroided blouse. Perfect for every bride around the map!

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Contributed by Fatima Ali