Celebrity Couple Nouman Javaid & Jana Malik Separated?


It seems just like yesterday that singer Nouman Javaid married the Mor Mahal actress Jana Malik. However, according to the grapevine, the newly wedded couple is now living separately.

Sources reveal that the two artists have come across some irrevocable differences in their relationship. Following this, the two are now living separately.

A quirky picture of the couple:

When your wife puts something on her face you have to try it … #NoumanJavaid #NJ #JanaNouman @ijanamalik

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Actress Jana Malik is now living with her mother, whereas the singer Nouman Javaid has moved in with a friend.

Rumors of the couple’s separation have been floating around for a while, however, the two have not yet responded to them.

Nouman Javaid & Jana Malik recently tied the knot in September 2016, after a few weeks’ courtship. Prior to this, Javaid was married to renowned singer Fariha Pervez.

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