Chaiwala Romances Mrs Pakistan In Latest Music Video Beparwai


The blue-eyed Chaiwala, Arshad Khan, who became an overnight internet sensation after a photo of him went viral, is romancing Mrs Pakistan, Muskan Jay, in the latest music video ‘Beparwai’.

Beparwai is suppose to be a tribute to Noor Jehan’s song ‘Teri Bayparwaee’. The song has been shot in Margala Hills and released via Beyond Records.

‘Malika Taranum Noor Jehan was a great singer of our industry. Young artists can learn so much by just listening to her songs, ghazals and national songs. Not only am I a huge fan of Madam Noor Jehan but also consider her as my teacher. I chose this Punjabi song titled ‘Beparwa’, which has been really popular before, as a gift to my fans for New Year; but we’ve changed the composition and music arrangement according to current trends and recorded in local studios.” Muskan told Express News in an interview.’

She also complimented Chaiwala saying,

‘He doesn’t talk a lot but sure does has a knack of acting.’

Here’s the song,

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