Coke Studio 10 Finale: Strings’ Tribute To Junaid Jamshed & Sajjad Ali’s Magic Saved The Day


It’s finally a wrap for probably the most contentious season of Coke Studio in 10 years. In the past two months, the producers of the show, Strings gave us many heartbreaks, some cheers and a few profound memories.

The last episode of Coke Studio 10 was no different. On one hand, we have Sajjad Ali’s soul-stirring ballad of life, Tera Naam and on the other, we have a missable performance by Shuja Haider & Aima Baig. But most important part of this episode was Ali Zafar, Ali Hamza and Strings’ tribute to the iconic Junaid Jamshed.

Here’s what went inspired, what’s already forgotten and what left us in tears in the finale episode.

Tera Naam – Sajjad Ali

The classic maestro, Sajjad Ali has been a saving grace for this season. and his sweet and vulnerable take on life and love,  Tera Naam has his name written all over.

The meticulously crafted piece has been directed, composed and written by Sajjad Ali himself. Tera Naam depicts the three phases of life and finding what is of ultimate importance throughout a lifetime.

For us, this one is on repeat until the next season of Coke Studio.

Us Rah Per – Ali Hamza, Ali Zafar & Strings

Coke Studio’s season 10 paid tribute to many industry icons but unfortunately, most of the tributes didn’t go well with the audience. From anger to threats to boycotts, the makers received all kinds of reactions.

A tribute to Junaid Jamshed, the icon who’s sudden death is still fresh in the minds was a risk that Strings took with Ali Zafar and Ali Hamza. Thankfully, it paid off.

Drawing inspiration from Jamshed’s signature sound, Jaffer Zaidi created a heartfelt tribute for the gentleman who will forever remain the icon for contemporary Pakistani pop music. Ali Zafar & Ali Hamza did justice in commemorating the life and legacy of a man who will forever stay in our hearts.

Sweet, simple and heart-breaking – Us Rah Per left us in tears and we’re not alone. See how fans reacted to the song:

Unfortunately, the other two performances of the episode, Baanwre by Shuja Haider and Aima Baig and Maula Tera Noor by Shafqat Amanat Ali paled in comparison to these two masterpieces.

It’s not like they were badly composed or sung, it’s just that they didn’t have the potency to impact us like Tera Naam and Us Rah Per. For now, it’s adios to Coke Studio.

Until next year, folks!