Coke Studio 10: Justin Bibis Make A Debut?


The forgotten Justin Bibis have resurfaced on the Internet! This time, the girls want to make a debut in Coke Studio 10! Everyone remembers the Justin Bibis, who got famous after singing Justin Bieber’s song ‘Baby’ on national television.

They have sent in a request to the government regarding an appearance in Coke Studio 10.

Speaking to the media, the sisters claimed their voice is loved by people all around the country. The two had also performed at Alhamra, where their performance was appreciated by everyone. The two requested the government to help them perform on a national platform since they do not have many resources.


After the super hit so “Baby” the two sang their own version of ” Phir Se Game Uthadein”. Inspired by Matt Slogett and Kasey Carlone’s famed 1992 hit  “Who Rules The World” .

In 2016, they sang a duet with Adnan Gill, as a tribute to Madam Noor Jehan.

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