Coke Studio 10 Faces Strong Backlash From Mehdi Hassan’s Family


Fighting its way through social music critics, unnecessary bashing and harsh criticism, Coke Studio 10 is well on its way to 3rd episode but the troubles are just beginning.

According to latest rumours, the makers of the show are facing a lot of flak for their rendition of Mehdi Hassan’s classic ghazal, Ranjish Hi Sahi, sung by Ali Sethi.

Heart-wrenching lyrics, soulful music and an apt depiction of heartbreak in Mehdi Hassan’s charismatic voice made Ranjih Hi Sahi every lost lover’s hope. The modernised Coke Studio version may not have matched the stature of the original track but for us, it’s equally beautiful in Ali Sethi’s voice.

But not everyone agrees. A lot of pseudo critics expressed their displeasure over the latest rendition, including Mehdi Hassan’s son, Arif Mehdi.

According to, Arif Mehdi has filed a case against Coke Studio for not crediting Mehdi Hassan properly. He alleged that Coke Studio officials didn’t take permission from the family. He further went on to say that music industry in shambles due to ‘such people’ who are

He further went on to say that music industry in shambles due to ‘such people’ who are ruining classic with their lack of knowledge while those who are true torch-bearers are lying in hospitals.

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Well, you can’t make everyone happy and even if you’re the best, there will always be someone to put you down. Coke Studio has brought Pakistani music on an international map and for us, a few misses aren’t enough to discredit the credibility and originality of the concept.

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