Coke Studio 10 National Anthem: A Mournful Attempt At Something SO Powerful


Playing the patriotic card and that too right before the Independence Day was a sure shot move for Coke Studio Season 10’s successful start. The makers were hoping to create another phenomenal performance much like last season’s Rah-e-Haq k Shaheedo or Atif Aslam’s Tajdar-e-Haram.

The stage was bigger, the line-up, stronger and the hype – just about right. But even after all this Coke Studio’s Qami Tarana fizzled out with nothing but some nonchalant nods and heavy disapprovals.

Before we say anything else, listen to Coke Studio 10’s version of National Anthem here:

We all know what Coke Studio – The Sound of Nation is capable of. So naturally, our expectations with their attempt at National Anthem bordered on the perfect score of 100. The nation was waiting to applaud, cry and stand in pride.

All we got was a mellow attempt at something SO passionate.

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But Alas – all we got was a mellow and mournful attempt at something SO passionate. And we’re not alone in our disappointment. Coke Studio fans took to Twitter to express their views. And let’s just say, it’s something that the team is better off without seeing.

Perhaps some classics are best left untouched.

Here are some funny to downright honest reactions: