Coke Studio 9 – A Complete Review Of Episode 1


Well, it’s that time of the year again when the entire nation looks forward to what the latest season of Coke Studio has to offer. Each new episode is a highly anticipated one; music enthusiasts and critics  flood social media with their views and  reviews after each release. The anticipation and excitement for Coke Studio 9 is no different.

The season opened with a beautiful tribute which was the perfect example of the power of music. Uniting Pakistan as a nation once again, it struck the right cords and pulled the real strings to the heart. Aye Rah-e-Haq- Ke Shaheedo brought together the music industry’s finest for the best emotional tribute to date.

With a beginning this perfect, we got our hopes real high! Two years back the Strings duo took charge after Rohail Hyatt left, and this year was all about big experiments. Each song has a guest producer or ‘music director’ this season, for the good or bad, read the review and find out.

Coke Studio 9 episode 1 was a mix of variety and various collaborations!

Sasu Mangay, Naseebo Lal & Umair Jaswal – Folk Meets Rock!

Music Directed by Shiraz Uppal
Produced by Strings


Sasu Mangay is all about the fusion that Coke Studio is known for, combining Naseebo Lal’s Rajasthani dialect with Umair Jaswal’s rockstar energy, the episode opened to a collaboration like never before. While Umair Jaswal did try to keep composed this time around, Naseebo Lal’s powerful delivery just stole the show.  (One can’t stand next to a living legend and not be overshadowed is what we believe.) To sum it up, good job Jaswal and thank you Coke for bringing in a living legend. Also, note that the song director Shiraz Uppal contributed to Atif Aslam’s rendition of ‘Tajdar-e-Haram’ last season, this had to be good!


Janay Na Tu, Ali Khan – A song for the love sick?

Music Directed by Jaffer Zaidi
Produced by Strings


Ali Khan hit the right notes with Saathiya, but this time around his comeback song failed to capture much attention is all that we can say. No Ali, no! The melody and words are so last season that we just couldn’t connect or bear with. Too love sick for our taste maybe? The episode started with some great energy and then mellowed down with the next song only. (People going through heartbreak might have liked this particular song  though)


Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan, Zeb Bangash

Music Directed by Noori
Produced by Strings


With an opening chorus that could easily trick one into thinking you were listening to a cover of a classic Nazia Hasan song, “Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan” is an ORIGINAL. Performed by Zeb Bangash featuring Noori the words flow around love, life, and harmony. However, the highlight remained Ali Hamza dancing to the beats in his yellow dupatta and playing that guitar. This song fits perfectly in the Shaadi playlists this season. It’s so catchy that some might even want to fall in love or get married because of it!


Aaqa, Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi – The song with a soul!

Music Directed by Shuja Haider
Produced by Strings


Aaqa”, the first collaborative single of the duo – Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi – is the kind of devotional piece that greets and speaks to your soul. The words are beautiful, the composition is so perfect that it is guaranteed to wake the Sufi in you! It’s not easy to complement the vocals of the legendary Abida Parveen and perform next to her, but it won’t be unfair to say Ali did a beautiful job doing justice! The song even got praises from across the border.

Send in your feedback on Coke Studio 9 Episode 1 and stay tuned for more news and updates!