Coke Studio 9 Episode 3 Review- From Abida Parveen to Mehwish Hayat


The ninth season of Coke Studio is two episodes in and it seems like people aren’t really impressed even when the ninth season marks much more diversity. Each episode is presented in a unique style by a guest director or producer. Now, the third episode is out and it seems like there are more hits than misses this time.

The third episode comprises of four songs, beginning with the Maula-e-Kull by the legend, Abida Parveen while the music is directed by Shani Arshad and produced by Strings. The only good thing about this season so far is Maula-e-Kull. For many music enthusiasts who have grown up on this sort of music, the track will hit right back at you.

This was followed by the equally melodious Khaki Banda by Ahmed Jahanzeb alongside Umair Jaswal. While Jaswal provided just the ingredients by infusing right amount of energy through his raw vocals, Jahanzeb successfully rendered his low notes with much elegance.

Next, comes the performance that made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Yes, it’s Mehwish Hayat’s Coke Studio debut. The performance was altogether dull and boring. Everybody on the internet was so busy complaining about how Mehwish got featured in this year’s Coke Studio that they completely forgot about the Saathiya star, Shiraz Uppal standing right next to him.

And what came out to be an ultimate treat was Zeb Bangash & Faakhir Mehmood’s folk traditional track, Dilruba Na Raazi. This europhic track is combined together with an irresistable tune that fits the original track like a glove.

All we can say is that waiting for late qawwal, Amjad Sabri’s last performance has become even more difficult for us and his fans.

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