Coke Studio 9 Episode 4 – The Real Game Changer!


Coke studio 9 episode 4 is out and there were two notable mentions on the playlist for this episode; first up, Mohsin Abbas Haider making his debut to the Coke Studio with the song, “Uddi Ja” and the second being Shilpa Rao, from India, collaborating with the Noor brothers on their song “Paar Chanaa De”, making Rao the first Bollywood singer featured on Coke Studio Pakistan.

Coke Studio 9 Episode 4 Review- The Real Game Changer

Uddi Ja – Mohsin Abbas Haider

The first song of the episode was “Uddi Ja”, penned and performed by Mohsin Abbas with music composed by Jaffer Zaidi. The song started out softly, the notes lending a serene ambiance to this spiritual number but picking up tempo as the song went on. Keeping true to its Sufi roots, the Qawali chorus complemented the song perfectly. Mohsin Abbas Haider gave it his all, taking us listeners on a soulful journey throughout the song.

Ala Baali –  Nirmal Roy & Jabar Abbas

The next song was “Ala Baali”, an upbeat, energetic number with lyrics in Urdu, Punjabi and Arabic; sung by Nirmal Roy and Jabar Abbas. This pop number had you tapping your feet to the music and will make a great dance track at a party. Jabar Abbas was the real star of this duo, bringing greater intensity and energy to the song compared to Nirmal, who seemed a little lackluster at times. The background singers must also be commended for adding more oomph and flair to the song.

Paar Chanaa De – Shilpa Rao & Noori

The third song was a Punjabi folk song, “Paar Chanaa De” sung by Noori and featuring the Indian singing sensation Shilpa Rao. The overall tone of this song is warm and sweet; but the true beauty of the song shines through in the second half. Noor Zehra worked the Sagar Veena beautifully weaving a haunting melody and both Shilpa Rao and Noori pulled us into the depths of the song’s emotions with their singing talents. This was a great collaboration, truly living up to the spirit of Coke studio.

Aaya Laariye – Meesha Shafi & Naeem Abbas Rufi

The last song, “Aaya Laariye” was sung by Meesha Shafi and Naeem Abbas Rufi. This fun, peppy song is perfect for a joyful track on a wedding playlist. The duet between Meesha and Naeem Abbas was very well done and the song was a good blend of rock, hip-hop, and funk. It marked the perfect end to this episode, leaving us on high notes.

Overall, this episode was a good mixture of soulful, funky and pop and we look forward to what else the Coke Studio brings our way.

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Contributed by: Sara Tariq