Coke Studio 9 #FinaleFriday Promo Released


Just like all good things, Coke Studio 9 too, comes to an end. The season was an exciting mix of some successful and failed experiments and collaborations. It started from a heart touching tribute that had us waiting for Shaheed Amjad Sabri’s debut and final performance on the show.

The wait is almost over and #FinaleFriday is almost here. Coke Studio dedicates the Season Finale to one of the greatest qawaal’s and legends of our time, Amjad Sabri.

In this finale, Coke Studio will share with the world Amjad Sabri’s final studio recording in collaboration with the magnificent Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Also featuring 5 of this season’s Music Directors, who are coming on stage to give their own outstanding performances, in what promises to be a fitting finale to the biggest season of Coke Studio till date.

Dedicated to Amjad Sabri, Coke Studio 9 Season Finale releases online on 23rd September 2016. #CokeStudio9 #FinaleFriday

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