Coke Studio For The Deaf: A Unique Musical Experience


Coke Studio is a platform that revived the musical scene in Pakistan and also gave birth to some extraordinary talents. There is no doubt that no other music show matches the diversity and quality of Coke Studio.Reportedly, Coke Studio initiated an honourable venture enabling the deaf to experience music.

Coca-Cola Company along with Family Educational Services Foundation organised Coke Studio for the Deaf at Marriott Hotel. Fashion designers, businessmen, journalists, and students were all present at the glorious event.

Coke Studio

The legendary qawwal, Amjad Sabri was applauded by Family Educational Services Foundation’s Richard Geary and Coca-Cola brand manager Ibrahim Jhagra.

Ibrahim Jhagra confirmed that Coke Studio will be playing Sabri’s departing gift for fans: “It was an honour for us to have Sabri at Coke Studio 9, we will play his last recordings in the season, as it begins”


Richard Geary shared with the audience,“He was a friend, he used to help finance initiatives for the social good.”

Ibrahim Jhagra added: “For the first time, it is not about glamour, it is about people. Coke Studio for the Deaf aims at breaking barriers and giving back.”  

Eight deaf students alongside Deaf Reach School faculty and Coca-Cola brand team were sent to Bangkok to test an exclusive system which enables the deaf to feel the music.

It was a fascinating sight to watch innocent faces groove to Atif Aslam’s Tajdar-i-Haram and Quratulain Baloch’s Sammi Meri Waar as they felt music for the very first time in their lives. Imagine the excitement?

Huda Muhammad Ali, one of the students out of eight shared her experience: “When I sat on the sofa and the music started, I felt some vibrations in my legs and heart. They were intermittent. That made me feel the waves of music. It felt so good.”

Coke Studio

She added: “I really want to interpret lyrics as well, I wish that can be possible” 

Udaari actor, Ahsan Khan told media: “We can never understand the feelings of the underprivileged. One cannot ostracise them. They deserve to experience everything beautiful. We should take everyone together.” 

Coke Studio

Fashion designer Deepak Pervani says “I believe it’s a fantastic concept. Who would have thought this will be possible someday? I believe we should make it sustainable” 

Coke Studio

Coke Studio 9 is expected to commence this August. We can’t wait to listen to Amjad’s Sabri’s departing gift for fans. What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comment box below.

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