Colors TV’s Comedy Nights Live Turned Down By Public


Colors TV’s new hilarity in town “Comedy Nights Live” has replaced the rule of its three-year-old predecessor “Comedy Nights With Kapil”. Now the bonafide band Kapil Sharma, Gutthi and Navjot Singh Siddhu has been swapped by the newbies, Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh.

Walking along the same layout and similar characters akin to its ex, the show has welcomed Madhuri Dixit on its debut night.

But guess what? The viewers have boo-ed down the latest comedy show, deeming the whole 2 hours of entertainment “plain boring” and a “nightmare’ to watch!

Critics have given the show thumbs down for ripping off the format of CNWK and lacking fresh laughter pangs and punches

The worst of the worst is that Comedy Nights Live takes lame digs at Kapil Sharma and roasting the comedian has ticked off Color TV fans real bad!

Seems like India was terribly hooked to Bitto Sharma’s “Comedy Nights With Kapil”. For them, Sharma is still the King of comedy and they and are in no mood to get over the show’s heartfelt farewell.

The old wine in a bottle Comedy Nights Live needs to raise its game or it will be in a dire run for ratings.

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